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The Metalcraft name was established in Bradford in 1978 by John Varley, a highly skilled and passionate engineer. At this time it was predominantly metal fabrication and engineering. Since this time the business has grown steadily from a sole proprietor to today having over 200 employees within the group.

The Metalcraft Group encompasses an impressive wealth of experience and our portfolio and the range industries we serve has expanded, making the Metalcraft brand highly respected and trusted by some of the UK's largest food and beverage manufacturers, high street supermarket chains and many other areas.

We are proud to cover such a range of services and continue to invest, learn and grow the business to offer our customers the very best in each area. 


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Metalcraft was started by John Varley, a highly skilled and passionate engineer in 1978, located at Rutland Street, Broomfields in Bradford. The premises was 600sqft.

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John worked hard and the business grew, taking on staff, leading to the need to find larger premises. This lead to a move to 7,500 sqft unit at St Stephens Mill, Ripley Street

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Unit 2 Bowling Park Close was purchased adding an additional 9,500 sqft and a good sized yard, given further space for the business to grow and consider further opportunities.



Due to the increase in demand for laser cut parts and our excellent reputation in the area of work, Metalcraft Laser was created and opened its doors as a new company within the Metalcraft Group, opened by the Lord Mayor of Bradford at this time, Councillor Joanne Dodds



Metalcraft Precision Engineering Ltd & Process Pump Solutions Ltd moved into the new premises at Hall Lane, Broomfields. This building consists of large office spaces and an extension housing a mix of CNC milling machines and lathes. 

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With the business going well and taking on more work, John took the business to a larger, more modern 1250sqft unit at Essex Park Industrial Estate, just off Wakefield Road

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In 2008 Unit 1 at Bowling Park Close was purchased. At 17,000 sqft this was a huge step up for the company and showed the success of Johns' hard work and the increase in work coming into the business due to this passion and drive

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A dedicated extension to the existing units was built to house both fiber laser and CO2 laser cutting machines. This was a new direction for the business and gave further opportunities within the sheet metal industry.

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As the business was growing and diversifying, new opportunities came with it. An opportunity to buy a large area of land within close proximity to the units already owned by Metalcraft came along, on Hall Lane, Broomfields. This was purchased and work started on extended an existing building on the land to make way for further business development



MC Builders Merchant Ltd was a whole new direction for the Metalcraft Group. Specialising in bricks, in addition to the purpose build unit, there is a huge, well lstocked brick yard, offering a brick matching service and delivery up and down the country.


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